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RED Spirits & Wine

We started with a blank slate. We did our usual brain-storming sessions and listed 100’s of potential names for a new wine and liquor store to serve Nashville. From our market research, we discovered that the perfect brand would have to target a wide spectrum of middle and high income earners as well as reach out far enough to attract people to travel past their usual smaller liquor stores. Our store will be the biggest in the area and the name will have to live up to its big image. Working closely with our client, we landed on the name Red Spirits & Wine.

The brand name would have to stand out and be recognizable from a distance. We narrowed our designs to a clever and bold look that incorporates a wine cup and drop within the letters. Simplistic and refined, we knew this was a winner and an excellent starting point for our team to design the rest of the store.

We implemented the store in a former CVS space. A large spacious environment proved to be a winner with reported weekly revenues in the millions. A complete success, and now needing an upgrade to accommodate the surplus of sales. We are currently redesigning the front of store to incorporate extra cashier islands and a bar tap for beer and wine.

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